Mischief on the Chennai Sands

7 Dec

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The other day as I visited the beach over the weekend, I couldn’t help by reminisce over the time my mischief gals and I visited the sandy shores of the Marina beach at Chennai and the incredible time that we had there. The Marina Beach is one of the largest beaches in the world and is a must see for any tourist at Chennai.
Being a popular beach, there were so many people, who were so warm and welcoming, especially the vendors. They told us to find ourselves a comfy spot in the sand and ended up bringing us what seemed like a never ending supply of street food called “bajjis”.
The girls and I spent hours sitting there, hogging away to glory till we decided it was time to work off those “bajji” calories and do something.
So, we walked to the ocean and that’s where the real fun started.
There were a group of boys playing cricket and they offered to let us play with them. We had never played cricket on the beach before so it was an experience to remember. Cricket is a serious passion here and we could see it and feel it. It was awesome.
The sea kept calling out to us. So, we decided to run in and get wet.
We girls killed it that day. People joined us too and we ended up feeling like we were at a giant beach party.
Chennai is a FULL POWER place and we absolutely loved it.
The people of Chennai, especially the men, were very welcoming and warm and exceedingly outgoing.
The girls and I made more friends than we thought possible that day. All of them genuine, caring people, who love their mischief too.
Being the girls that we are, we went crazy taking pictures and soaking up the sun. Whoever said Chennai had terrible weather in our opinion was completely wrong. We absolutely enjoyed shedding some clothing and breathing in the beauty that is Marina Beach.
Towards the end of it, we had spent so many hours there, doing random things like shooting balloons, taking horse rides through the waves and flying these beautiful colourful kites. All with the help of the lovely Chennaites, who were only too happy to teach us the tricks of the trade.
It was hard leaving though, we had to go but we weren’t too happy about it. We would’ve gladly spent the night there as well.
Oh! Marina Beach you beautiful, gorgeous stretch of sand and surf, how we miss you and the people.
Thank God! For the pictures though, at least we can relive those moments over and over again in our mind.
Thank you, Chennaites for giving us such a beautiful, wonderful experience. You all hold a very, very special place in our hearts. And every time I go back to the beach here, you’ll be sorely missed.


A Guide to Gorgeous Gals at a Match

5 May

Boys! It’s IPL season again and the stands a filling up with tons gorgeous gals from all across the country. And believe us, they come in nearly every type. So we thought we’d give you a heads up on the kind of girls you should keep your eye out for. And also give you a few helpful tips on how to charm her into some fun and flirting.

She’s beautiful, she’s intelligent and, best of all…she’s supporting your team! Now if that doesn’t provide you with the perfect opportunity for flirting, then what does? Strike up a conversation about your favourite player, do a little cheering together and in no time at all, you’ll bowl her over.

This little lady is a real handful. And you better watch out… because she’s definitely not on your side. She’s an ardent supporter of the opposing team. But don’t let that stop the flirting. A few intense arguments and a little competitive spirit will ensure some fantastic flirting later. And of course… you can always buy her a drink once her team loses. 😉

This kinda girl is probably at the match because her friends are here. She’s a total hottie but when it comes to the game…she has no clue at all! So be a gentleman and talk her through the plays, explain all the action. She may or may not like the game. But she’s definitely going to like you!

You better be well-prepared to take on this femme fatale. Not only is she stunning, her knowledge about the game is unmatched. The trick to impressing a girl like her is respect. Compliment her intelligence, admire her wit and take down her number…just in case you need to discuss the match later. 😀

These are just a few of the many kinds of women you’ll find at a match. And there are lots more waiting to be discovered. So get out there and get the fun flirting and mischief started!

The Best Of Both Worlds

25 Apr

Your date or the match? Why should you have to sacrifice one for the other! Asking you to make this choice is not just unfair, it’s oppressive and brutal!

But what do you do? Your girl just does not get cricket, and you can’t let go of the thrilling promise a match presents! Tricky situation indeed.

Well the good news is, you can have both of them at the same time. And the great news is: we’ll tell you exactly how with three great ideas!

Dirty talk
What’s great commentary to you is Greek to her. So turn the volume down and pick the mic up! Have something mischievous, something flirty or something funny to say for everything that happens on the field. And before you know, you’ll have her looking forward to the next ball!

Whattey Shot
Whenever there’s a 6, a 4 or a wicket, do a shot. Both of you! Better still, make shots together. Mix things, shake them up and ahem, add a twist of mischief to what you’re about to shoot. So her spirits run high, along with the match.

Every match needs a cheer squad. Why should your match be any different! Cajole her, charm her, taunt her or manipulate her smartly to be the cheer girl for the match! And if she totally refuses to be taken in by your advances, you be the cheer girl! You’ll have her in splits and more interested than ever!

So, go play! And let the Mischief begin!

Mischief At The Match

20 Apr

The IPL is here again! And if you thought it was only about cricket, well WAKE UP AND SMELL THE MISCHIEF!

There may be 22 players on the field, but there are thousands of women in the stands, waiting just for you! And if you don’t get busy flirting, you are certainly wasting a very valuable ticket. Not to mention, blowing a perfectly good opportunity away.

So how do you bowl a maiden over in the stadium? Here are a few suggestions.


The moment you hit the stadium, open your eyes. Look around for the fluttering ones, the mischievous ones and those fine-legs. And zone in on your target. All the better if she catches your eye. If she doesn’t…

This is your first major step. Concentrate. Concentrate some more. Get yourself into position around her somewhere and make her turn towards you. Since you are in a stadium, cheer! Crack a loud joke. Make yourself seen. Catch her eye. And don’t forget to smile!

Pop corn. A flag. A soft drink. Or a glassful of mischief. Run, and get it. This is your way in. Your excuse. Your big chance! So accessorize, pronto and head for your target!

Now begins the final test. Head up to her and hurl the pick up lines in! Here are some lines that might help. (It’s like a conversation, so you know how you can control it.)

You: Excuse me… are you related to Sachin in some way? Like his daughter or something?
She: No! Why do you ask?
You: Well… you look like God made you himself… very carefully…

Here’s another one!

You: Excuse me! Can I borrow a little bit of your popcorn?
She: What? You already have popcorn!
You: Oh! I got that for you. Here. Now can I borrow some?

Make her smile. Or even better, make her laugh! And you are home and safe.

You got her attention. Now charm her. Talk to her about everything under the sun. Make her forget the match and have her eyes only for you. And you can convert your little flirt into a truly exciting adventure!

So next time you step into the stadium for cricket, you know you have to do a little batting yourself! Keep the Mischief going!

Sarah Robertson dishes about her favourite negative role.

16 Mar

Globe-trotting, glitz and glamour are all a part world of fashion. Exotic locations, crazy shoots, gorgeous clothes, world-famous photographers and a whirlwind of activity make it all sound irresistibly exciting. So when we caught up with model-turned- DJ,Sarah Robertson, we were curious to know which photo shoot she enjoyed the most.

Sarah has certainly made her mark in the industry, both on the runway and on camera, having posed for top labels like Versace, Calvin Klein, G-STAR, Veve Swimwear, Maneater and more. So naturally any shoot she found exciting will definitely be worth hearing about.

So which project really was her favourite? Sarah told us it was a shoot with model/photographer Amanda Gift. And where else would it happen but in glamorous Orange County, California! Pretty fantastic huh? According to Sarah, the shoot was action-packed right from the start with preparations beginning just a mere two days in advance.


She and her best friend had to catch a flight from Vegas to LA. With just two hours of sleep, the girls tackled the hour-long drive to Amanda’s studio thinking it was going to be another long day on set. However, it was anything but that. “It was so much fun”, Sarah told us. “Amanda is just fantastic to work with. There were a lot of laughs and it was great fun shooting in lingerie”, she added with a mischievous smile.

The best part of the shoot was the amazing photographs they produced. Sarah told us that she was really surprised because it was all so rushed but the shots were simply stunning.  “It’s a really good feeling when you see the final product and are in awe of what you’ve both come up with!”

Spontaneous, fun and exciting, it certainly sounds like a shoot to remember. Let’s hope we get to see those gorgeous pictures too.

Sarah tells us where the party is at!

15 Mar

The life of a former Playboy Bunny/model/ international DJ has gotta be an interesting one. And one of the most exciting aspects about it is the travel. We’re pretty sure that DJ Sarah Robertson has seen loads of exotic locations, all across the globe. So we asked her to tell us which one she found was the hottest of them all.


”When it comes to partying, there’s one place you guys just have to see”, Sarah says.” It’s Ibiza! There’s sun, there’s sand and there’s soooo much mischief to be found on this gorgeous Mediterranean island.”

According to Sarah, you can spend your days lounging away on beautiful sun-kissed beached checking out the extremely sexy crowd. And at night? You get to groove to some of the hottest house music  and party the night way.

There are pubs on the waterfront, parties on board graceful yachts and once you’re done with the excitement of the night, you can watch a beautiful sunrise on the beach. No wonder Sarah thinks it’s the hottest party destination! Don’t forget to put it in your list of places to party.

The party that rocked

14 Mar

As a DJ, model and former Playboy Bunny, Sarah Robertson has been to some of the craziest parties around. She’s hit the hottest parties, in countries all across the globe and rubbed shoulders with a set of A-listers and musicians that would make you drool. So when we caught up with the illustrious model-turned-DJ, we asked her to tell us about the craziest, wildest and most unforgettable one of them all.


“Fame at the Mansion” came the quick reply.  That’s right! The glamorous Grammy after-party held at the much talked about Playboy Mansion. This year’s party was held in February 2012 and was hosted rapper, P.Diddy. Sarah was invited to DJ at the party and played to star-studded audience that included Paris Hilton, Afrojack, P.Diddy, Busta Rhymes, Pamela Anderson, Hugh Hefner to name a few!

We asked Sarah to dish out all the details about the fun, flirting and mischief at the party. “It was at the playboy mansion, so there definitely was a lot of mischief”, she recalls. “It was a black tie event as it was a Grammy after-party, so I thought people would be more well-behaved – but not the case!”

According to Sarah, what made the experience was amazing crowd she was DJing to. And of course, all the playmates hosting the event! You have to agree, it certainly sounds like a night to remember.

She’s a DJ. She’s a flirt. But did you know she’s a former Playboy Bunny?

29 Feb

It’s all true! DJ Sarah Robertson is a model, DJ and flirt. And we caught up with her to get the inside story on life at the Playboy Mansion. Now for those of you who are new to the flirting game, the Playboy Mansion is home to Hugh Hefner, founder of Playboy magazine. The mansion is known for its simply scandalous parties with top celebrities and gorgeous playmates. Here’s what Sarah had to tell us about it.

It all began when Sarah was picked to be one of the elite Playboy Bunnies at the Playboy Club in Macau. But the real encounter began with Hugh himself personally invited her to the Playboy Mansion for his Midsummer Nights Dream Party last year. And according to Sarah, the party was everything a Playboy Mansion party is supposed to be. And even more.

The mansion itself is fantastic. Spacious, flamboyant and glamorous, it’s the perfect place for all those crazy parties. Sarah told us that she particularly enjoyed the pool and the monkey enclosure. The food is divine. And as for the party…it was teaming with celebrities and featured performances by the sensational LMFAO and Will.I.Am. Sarah recalls feeling a bit star struck at first. But with so many influential people and celebs around, who could blame her. While Sarah only met Hugh Hefner briefly, she described him to us as charming, polite and very much a gentleman.

Sarah headed back to the Mansion this year to DJ at the Grammy’s after-party. She played to a star-studded audience that included Paris Hilton and Pamela Anderson.

Now that you’ve got a sneak peek at Sarah’s time at the Playboy Mansion, stay tuned for more of her exciting adventures.

A little mischief and a lot of fun at Iguazu Falls

1 Dec

If you were to ask me how I ended up standing at Iguazu Falls, I’d have to say it was all because of a pair of sultry brown eyes. And an incredible set of legs. I’d only recently met Shannon at Bangalore airport. We were chilling at the airport lounge when we stumbled on some Samba while reading up on our forthcoming holiday. Trust me, that dance is dangerously flirtatious. It’s perfect when you want to get up close and personal with someone. And it certainly gave me the chance to do so because that’s when Shannon came up with the suggestion that we take a trip to Iguazu Falls while in Brazil.

South America. Known for its mischievous lifestyle. In the company of a gorgeous woman. There was no way in hell I was going to refuse. In fact, I booked our tickets to Iguazu on the spot. Definitely a good move if the thank you kiss I got was anything to go by. And so, soon enough, I found myself getting off a place in Foz Du Iguacu in Brazil with a babe on one arm and a tropical paradise to explore.

The falls themselves are legendary. 200-269 feet high, 2.7 kilometres wide and are undoubtedly one of the most magnificent sights in the world. And, like the spectacular Niagara Falls, they’re located on the border between two countries. In this case it’s Brazil and Argentina. Ironic because I was looking forward to crossing a few borders with Shannon!

It was a hot sultry day when we got to Foz Du Iguacu. And we quickly checked into our hotel to shed our bags and a few clothes. Not that I was complaining. The fewer, the better.  There are hotels for all budgets easily available in Foz Du Iguacu including affordable hostels for backpackers. However, I decided to splurge and chose to stay at the stunning Hotel Das Cataratas. It had the right kind of setting for what I had in mind. Besides, it’s right by the Iguacu Falls inside the Brazilian national park Parque Nacional do Iguacu. All we’d have to do is tumble out of our bed to see the falls.

And that was more or less what we did the next morning. After a short bus ride, we found ourselves in front of the falls. Believe me, there’s nothing quite like the experience. Standing on the walkway of the Gargantua del Diablo (that translates to the Devil’s Throat), with 275 magnificent falls thundering down around you…it’s nothing short of awe-inspiring.
Soon, we’d had enough of the crowd and decided to head off the more secluded islands that divide the falls. Lush green foliage, rainbows over the falls, it’s the ideal place for a little mischief. Especially with all the mist around. And there were other benefits from the mist as well. Since we’d conveniently ignored the ponchos and umbrellas available for hire, our t-shirts were soon drenched, leaving me with a sight to behold that was even better than the falls.

For the grand finale, we took a helicopter ride over the falls. From up there, it was astounding to take in the sheer size and beauty of this natural wonder. We even flew further up river, exploring the gentle, meandering curves of the river. That put me in mind of some other curves I’d be exploring as soon as we got back to the hotel room. Our day at the falls was done. However, the mischief was far from over. We still had an entire week left in flamboyant and flirtatious Brazil. But first…back to the hotel room!

Stay: Hotel Das Cataratas, Iguacu National Park. You can walk from your room to the falls!

Eat: No visit to Brazil is complete without visiting a local Churrascaria a.k.a Brazilian steakhouse where you will get an unlimited supply of all kinds of meats brought right to your table.

Shop: Plenty of Souvenir shops can be found near the falls and all around town in Foz do Iguacu.

See: Three Borders Landmark is a spot where Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay meet and each country has its own landmark displayed. Quite unique!

Ankit Fadia
Ankit Fadia is perhaps India’s first and most famous “ethical hacker”. He is world renowned for his extraordinary ability to get into and around computers. So much that he has written 14 bestselling books and has consulted with the US Government after the 9/11 attacks to decode emails and help nail the perpetrators. But perpetrators are not the only ones Ankit nails. Starting now, Ankit will show you a whole new side of him. A side that has an uncanny ability to get into and around pretty little things. So read on, and let the mischief begin!

Who says you can only get naughty at night?

25 Nov

There’s a time for everything. Work, play, eat, sleep. But mischief? Now that’s round the clock. And there’s no better time to enjoy it than the afternoon. In fact, it’s my favourite time of day for a little fun and flirting.

Here comes the sun...we are all set to party!

Mid-day mischief is totally different from the kind you have after dark. So let’s forget the pubs, the high fashion and the dark dance floors. Because we’re going to trade it for some fun in the sunshine.  And first on our list is a pool party.

Pool parties are one of the best places for a little flirting. Elle and I have organized quite a few of them. First of all, it’s perfectly legal to shed a few clothes at the party. And of course, we nearly always need a little help with our sunscreen lotion. Naturally, the boys are more than willing to be of some assistance. 😉 It’s a great way to strike up a flirtatious conversation.

It doesn't get better than this! What fun!

Things are always more casual when you’re by the pool. You can take a swim with a friend, form a team and tackle a few poolside sports or simply chill with that special somebody under the discrete shade of an umbrella. If you know what I mean.

If there’s no pool available, no sweat. A backyard barbeque is the next best thing. It’s easy to plan and organize. It’s also a lot of fun. We normally let the boys handle the barbeque while we whip up some of our renowned vodka cocktails. Ok, so a barbeque tends to require more clothes than a pool party. But hey, as long as the company is interesting, it’s sure to be fun.

White Mischief Vodka is simply the best mid-day drink to have, and the three new White Mischief flavours will add a feather to your partying cap. They blend well with whole host of tropical fruit juices. Vodka cocktails can keep you cool even in the hot summer sun. Its versatility can make anyone’s favourite drink. And if you’re really up for some mischief, I strongly recommend vodka jello shots or perhaps vodka pani puri (Be warned! Vodka pani puri is not for the faint of heart).

All smiles at the party!

Games are a huge part of an afternoon party. You can try anything from Frisbee to spin the bottle. I recommend playing as teams. It’s a great way to mix and mingle. After all, a little healthy competition is a just what you need to kick the flirting into high gear.

So as you can see, the night is not the only time to get naughty. Now get out there and get up to some fun, flirting and mid-day mischief. Don’t forget to let me know how it goes.