Mischief in Barcelona

9 Sep

Hola once again my lovelies¡ (it works! Hehe!!) I’m hoping to party with you when I get back. 😉

So here goes. I’m having such a fun time I’m thinking about extending my trip but that’s not gonna be possible 😦

But I really miss being back home and miss all you mischief lovers too 😉 but the real reason is college! (lol!)

universitat-de-barcelona So, anyway, was at the University of Barcelona (yippee!!) and wow! The guys that go there are sooooo cute, it’s not even funny! Yea yea, it’s not really a touristy kinda place but it is soooo beautiful! The building, the surroundings, everything! To make things a wee lil bit mischievous I acted like a damsel in distress and before long I had FIVE cute guys taking me on a tour of the campus! A lil mischief always gets wondrous results (lol!).


And of course! I went partying! Parties here are awesome! The music’s suppa awesome! And the party animals are suppa suppa awesome! And naturally, mischief has to happen when Elle is in party mode! So I made friends with a few girls at one party and flirted openly with a few of the guys there and got us some free drinks! We made it up to them later when we danced with them though. And what a heady rush it was! The tango, the salsa, and well, good old party rockin! But the night was still young and we teamed up and went out for a night on the town! Ah Spain, lovely Spain! Learnt a few Spanish drinking songs too! Hopping from bar to pub to singing in the streets and waking up the neighbourhood, it was a night of tomfoolery and mischief!

From having Cuba Libre (rum and coke sweethearts lol!) with Licor 43 at the L’Ovella Negra which is very popular with the students to El Xampanyet where I had some really good Cava (which is a sparkling wine) to quesadillas and some more Cava at la Divina! It was all loads of fun!

So, much love to all ya’ll from lovely old Spain. Gonna be back soon! But till then, keep the mischief on back there. And you know, I never stop! 😀

Ciao lovelies! And Muah!


One Response to “Mischief in Barcelona”

  1. Kranthi Kumar September 20, 2011 at 7:04pm #

    elli willis rocking clt20 in entertaining us n literally i love this gl…:)

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