White Mischief: Served best with a lively crowd!

16 Nov

As a bartender, I receive a lot of requests for White Mischief on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday nights when the place is overflowing with people looking for some mid-week and weekend mischief. Some of my best times with White Mischief have also happened at lively parties, held at lounges, discos or even at home, where Elle and I have invited all our friends and of course, their hot friends 😉

The Saturday night rush!

A party is the best place for White Mischief, because this is where everyone lets their hair down and turns up the mischief meter.  It’s where we all get to have “a little mischief and a lot of fun”! The ladies and mischief-men are at their stylish and flirtatious best, and White Mischief only helps loosen up the strings, shed some inhibitions and sometimes more. 😉 Dancing is pretty much mandatory if you’re trying to flirt with a lady, because this allows you to explore a lot more of each other. You have access to a lot of otherwise prohibited areas. It’s the perfect excuse to get up close and personal. But if things get steadily hotter, it’s best to take your party-for-two to a more private spot. 😀

Elle spinnin’ on some mischief!

House-parties are the ideal place for fun and flirting. Privacy is never too far away, and you don’t have to worry about getting back home! When Elle and I host a house-party, we usually make a group on Facebook where we invite our friends so everyone knows the plan. It’s always a BYOB (Bring Your Own Booze) party, and that helps keep stocks up through the night. Elle and I, of course, stock up on some White Mischief and keep simple mixers at hand. Of late we’ve also tried experimenting with the new Dual White Mischief flavors. Orange juice, other fruit juices, aerated drinks and a few energy drinks are all we need. That way, everyone can experiment with their drinks as well as flirting techniques while Elle and I can focus on the men. J I let Elle decide on the music, and she really keeps the party alive with some good house, R n B and trance tunes. The groovy tunes only get all our guests further in the mood for some serious mischief. 😉

And if you guys are guests, please don’t go empty handed when invited to a house-party. It’s a real turn-off. Hosting one with some White Mischief however, is a turn on for sure. We sure can vouch for that! 😀

So guys, get planning and get the party started! And remember, if it’s flirting and mischief you’re looking to bring to a party, White Mischief is your safest bet! Let the flirting begin! 😉


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