Who says you can only get naughty at night?

25 Nov

There’s a time for everything. Work, play, eat, sleep. But mischief? Now that’s round the clock. And there’s no better time to enjoy it than the afternoon. In fact, it’s my favourite time of day for a little fun and flirting.

Here comes the sun...we are all set to party!

Mid-day mischief is totally different from the kind you have after dark. So let’s forget the pubs, the high fashion and the dark dance floors. Because we’re going to trade it for some fun in the sunshine.  And first on our list is a pool party.

Pool parties are one of the best places for a little flirting. Elle and I have organized quite a few of them. First of all, it’s perfectly legal to shed a few clothes at the party. And of course, we nearly always need a little help with our sunscreen lotion. Naturally, the boys are more than willing to be of some assistance. 😉 It’s a great way to strike up a flirtatious conversation.

It doesn't get better than this! What fun!

Things are always more casual when you’re by the pool. You can take a swim with a friend, form a team and tackle a few poolside sports or simply chill with that special somebody under the discrete shade of an umbrella. If you know what I mean.

If there’s no pool available, no sweat. A backyard barbeque is the next best thing. It’s easy to plan and organize. It’s also a lot of fun. We normally let the boys handle the barbeque while we whip up some of our renowned vodka cocktails. Ok, so a barbeque tends to require more clothes than a pool party. But hey, as long as the company is interesting, it’s sure to be fun.

White Mischief Vodka is simply the best mid-day drink to have, and the three new White Mischief flavours will add a feather to your partying cap. They blend well with whole host of tropical fruit juices. Vodka cocktails can keep you cool even in the hot summer sun. Its versatility can make anyone’s favourite drink. And if you’re really up for some mischief, I strongly recommend vodka jello shots or perhaps vodka pani puri (Be warned! Vodka pani puri is not for the faint of heart).

All smiles at the party!

Games are a huge part of an afternoon party. You can try anything from Frisbee to spin the bottle. I recommend playing as teams. It’s a great way to mix and mingle. After all, a little healthy competition is a just what you need to kick the flirting into high gear.

So as you can see, the night is not the only time to get naughty. Now get out there and get up to some fun, flirting and mid-day mischief. Don’t forget to let me know how it goes.


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