A little mischief and a lot of fun at Iguazu Falls

1 Dec

If you were to ask me how I ended up standing at Iguazu Falls, I’d have to say it was all because of a pair of sultry brown eyes. And an incredible set of legs. I’d only recently met Shannon at Bangalore airport. We were chilling at the airport lounge when we stumbled on some Samba while reading up on our forthcoming holiday. Trust me, that dance is dangerously flirtatious. It’s perfect when you want to get up close and personal with someone. And it certainly gave me the chance to do so because that’s when Shannon came up with the suggestion that we take a trip to Iguazu Falls while in Brazil.

South America. Known for its mischievous lifestyle. In the company of a gorgeous woman. There was no way in hell I was going to refuse. In fact, I booked our tickets to Iguazu on the spot. Definitely a good move if the thank you kiss I got was anything to go by. And so, soon enough, I found myself getting off a place in Foz Du Iguacu in Brazil with a babe on one arm and a tropical paradise to explore.

The falls themselves are legendary. 200-269 feet high, 2.7 kilometres wide and are undoubtedly one of the most magnificent sights in the world. And, like the spectacular Niagara Falls, they’re located on the border between two countries. In this case it’s Brazil and Argentina. Ironic because I was looking forward to crossing a few borders with Shannon!

It was a hot sultry day when we got to Foz Du Iguacu. And we quickly checked into our hotel to shed our bags and a few clothes. Not that I was complaining. The fewer, the better.  There are hotels for all budgets easily available in Foz Du Iguacu including affordable hostels for backpackers. However, I decided to splurge and chose to stay at the stunning Hotel Das Cataratas. It had the right kind of setting for what I had in mind. Besides, it’s right by the Iguacu Falls inside the Brazilian national park Parque Nacional do Iguacu. All we’d have to do is tumble out of our bed to see the falls.

And that was more or less what we did the next morning. After a short bus ride, we found ourselves in front of the falls. Believe me, there’s nothing quite like the experience. Standing on the walkway of the Gargantua del Diablo (that translates to the Devil’s Throat), with 275 magnificent falls thundering down around you…it’s nothing short of awe-inspiring.
Soon, we’d had enough of the crowd and decided to head off the more secluded islands that divide the falls. Lush green foliage, rainbows over the falls, it’s the ideal place for a little mischief. Especially with all the mist around. And there were other benefits from the mist as well. Since we’d conveniently ignored the ponchos and umbrellas available for hire, our t-shirts were soon drenched, leaving me with a sight to behold that was even better than the falls.

For the grand finale, we took a helicopter ride over the falls. From up there, it was astounding to take in the sheer size and beauty of this natural wonder. We even flew further up river, exploring the gentle, meandering curves of the river. That put me in mind of some other curves I’d be exploring as soon as we got back to the hotel room. Our day at the falls was done. However, the mischief was far from over. We still had an entire week left in flamboyant and flirtatious Brazil. But first…back to the hotel room!

Stay: Hotel Das Cataratas, Iguacu National Park. You can walk from your room to the falls!

Eat: No visit to Brazil is complete without visiting a local Churrascaria a.k.a Brazilian steakhouse where you will get an unlimited supply of all kinds of meats brought right to your table.

Shop: Plenty of Souvenir shops can be found near the falls and all around town in Foz do Iguacu.

See: Three Borders Landmark is a spot where Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay meet and each country has its own landmark displayed. Quite unique!

Ankit Fadia
Ankit Fadia is perhaps India’s first and most famous “ethical hacker”. He is world renowned for his extraordinary ability to get into and around computers. So much that he has written 14 bestselling books and has consulted with the US Government after the 9/11 attacks to decode emails and help nail the perpetrators. But perpetrators are not the only ones Ankit nails. Starting now, Ankit will show you a whole new side of him. A side that has an uncanny ability to get into and around pretty little things. So read on, and let the mischief begin!


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