She’s a DJ. She’s a flirt. But did you know she’s a former Playboy Bunny?

29 Feb

It’s all true! DJ Sarah Robertson is a model, DJ and flirt. And we caught up with her to get the inside story on life at the Playboy Mansion. Now for those of you who are new to the flirting game, the Playboy Mansion is home to Hugh Hefner, founder of Playboy magazine. The mansion is known for its simply scandalous parties with top celebrities and gorgeous playmates. Here’s what Sarah had to tell us about it.

It all began when Sarah was picked to be one of the elite Playboy Bunnies at the Playboy Club in Macau. But the real encounter began with Hugh himself personally invited her to the Playboy Mansion for his Midsummer Nights Dream Party last year. And according to Sarah, the party was everything a Playboy Mansion party is supposed to be. And even more.

The mansion itself is fantastic. Spacious, flamboyant and glamorous, it’s the perfect place for all those crazy parties. Sarah told us that she particularly enjoyed the pool and the monkey enclosure. The food is divine. And as for the party…it was teaming with celebrities and featured performances by the sensational LMFAO and Will.I.Am. Sarah recalls feeling a bit star struck at first. But with so many influential people and celebs around, who could blame her. While Sarah only met Hugh Hefner briefly, she described him to us as charming, polite and very much a gentleman.

Sarah headed back to the Mansion this year to DJ at the Grammy’s after-party. She played to a star-studded audience that included Paris Hilton and Pamela Anderson.

Now that you’ve got a sneak peek at Sarah’s time at the Playboy Mansion, stay tuned for more of her exciting adventures.


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