Sarah tells us where the party is at!

15 Mar

The life of a former Playboy Bunny/model/ international DJ has gotta be an interesting one. And one of the most exciting aspects about it is the travel. We’re pretty sure that DJ Sarah Robertson has seen loads of exotic locations, all across the globe. So we asked her to tell us which one she found was the hottest of them all.


”When it comes to partying, there’s one place you guys just have to see”, Sarah says.” It’s Ibiza! There’s sun, there’s sand and there’s soooo much mischief to be found on this gorgeous Mediterranean island.”

According to Sarah, you can spend your days lounging away on beautiful sun-kissed beached checking out the extremely sexy crowd. And at night? You get to groove to some of the hottest house music  and party the night way.

There are pubs on the waterfront, parties on board graceful yachts and once you’re done with the excitement of the night, you can watch a beautiful sunrise on the beach. No wonder Sarah thinks it’s the hottest party destination! Don’t forget to put it in your list of places to party.


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