Sarah Robertson dishes about her favourite negative role.

16 Mar

Globe-trotting, glitz and glamour are all a part world of fashion. Exotic locations, crazy shoots, gorgeous clothes, world-famous photographers and a whirlwind of activity make it all sound irresistibly exciting. So when we caught up with model-turned- DJ,Sarah Robertson, we were curious to know which photo shoot she enjoyed the most.

Sarah has certainly made her mark in the industry, both on the runway and on camera, having posed for top labels like Versace, Calvin Klein, G-STAR, Veve Swimwear, Maneater and more. So naturally any shoot she found exciting will definitely be worth hearing about.

So which project really was her favourite? Sarah told us it was a shoot with model/photographer Amanda Gift. And where else would it happen but in glamorous Orange County, California! Pretty fantastic huh? According to Sarah, the shoot was action-packed right from the start with preparations beginning just a mere two days in advance.


She and her best friend had to catch a flight from Vegas to LA. With just two hours of sleep, the girls tackled the hour-long drive to Amanda’s studio thinking it was going to be another long day on set. However, it was anything but that. “It was so much fun”, Sarah told us. “Amanda is just fantastic to work with. There were a lot of laughs and it was great fun shooting in lingerie”, she added with a mischievous smile.

The best part of the shoot was the amazing photographs they produced. Sarah told us that she was really surprised because it was all so rushed but the shots were simply stunning.  “It’s a really good feeling when you see the final product and are in awe of what you’ve both come up with!”

Spontaneous, fun and exciting, it certainly sounds like a shoot to remember. Let’s hope we get to see those gorgeous pictures too.


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