Mischief on the Chennai Sands

7 Dec

post card-16

The other day as I visited the beach over the weekend, I couldn’t help by reminisce over the time my mischief gals and I visited the sandy shores of the Marina beach at Chennai and the incredible time that we had there. The Marina Beach is one of the largest beaches in the world and is a must see for any tourist at Chennai.
Being a popular beach, there were so many people, who were so warm and welcoming, especially the vendors. They told us to find ourselves a comfy spot in the sand and ended up bringing us what seemed like a never ending supply of street food called “bajjis”.
The girls and I spent hours sitting there, hogging away to glory till we decided it was time to work off those “bajji” calories and do something.
So, we walked to the ocean and that’s where the real fun started.
There were a group of boys playing cricket and they offered to let us play with them. We had never played cricket on the beach before so it was an experience to remember. Cricket is a serious passion here and we could see it and feel it. It was awesome.
The sea kept calling out to us. So, we decided to run in and get wet.
We girls killed it that day. People joined us too and we ended up feeling like we were at a giant beach party.
Chennai is a FULL POWER place and we absolutely loved it.
The people of Chennai, especially the men, were very welcoming and warm and exceedingly outgoing.
The girls and I made more friends than we thought possible that day. All of them genuine, caring people, who love their mischief too.
Being the girls that we are, we went crazy taking pictures and soaking up the sun. Whoever said Chennai had terrible weather in our opinion was completely wrong. We absolutely enjoyed shedding some clothing and breathing in the beauty that is Marina Beach.
Towards the end of it, we had spent so many hours there, doing random things like shooting balloons, taking horse rides through the waves and flying these beautiful colourful kites. All with the help of the lovely Chennaites, who were only too happy to teach us the tricks of the trade.
It was hard leaving though, we had to go but we weren’t too happy about it. We would’ve gladly spent the night there as well.
Oh! Marina Beach you beautiful, gorgeous stretch of sand and surf, how we miss you and the people.
Thank God! For the pictures though, at least we can relive those moments over and over again in our mind.
Thank you, Chennaites for giving us such a beautiful, wonderful experience. You all hold a very, very special place in our hearts. And every time I go back to the beach here, you’ll be sorely missed.


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