How To Impress A Girl

25 Nov

They say making the perfect first impression is the hardest. And of course, it plays a huge part. Being that suave and smooth player is not everyone’s game. But guess what, boys? I hate to break it to you. Keeping her interested after that first impression is even harder! So here’s a detailed version of this section of the Game Book to make it a tad easier for you.

6 rules to perfect your game

Rule no. 1 – BE HYGENIC! Although the “out of bed”, messy look is sexy, you still want to come across as someone who takes care of himself. So pop a few mints, use some hair gel and pick out clothes that flaunt your body. She’s sure to be floored.
Rule no. 2 – Mind your manners! Women love a bad boy but they also flock towards the strong, chivalrous male who takes care of her delicate make. So stand up when she enters the room, hold the door open for her and let her take a seat before you do and that will speak volumes about you!
Rule no. 3 – If there’s one thing women want, its attention, boys. So listen when she’s talking and don’t stare into vacant space! Give her your undivided attention, stare into those eyes and let her know through your gaze, all the things you want to do to her!
Rule no. 4 – Flirt with caution. Send those clever texts and cheeky notes, giving her subtle hints. Careful not to overdo it though. You don’t wanna become the “stalker”, do you? So, if you make her giggle, consider it mission accomplished! Women love a clever man who can be naughty with words. So dust those dictionaries, polish your verbal skills and woo her!
Rule no. 5 – The element of surprise is most important! Send her flowers or send a little gift when she least expects it. It’s a sure winner with the ladies. Shows her you think about her and pay attention to her.
Rule no. 6 – To touch or not to touch. When in doubt, DO NOT proceed. Because trembling hands only put a woman off! Be confident, be swift and leave a lingering touch. Brush her hair off her face or hold her hand and give her a taste of what is to come. Make sure you have a firm hold of her, showing her you can take control but be gentle to say you’re delicate. That’s right! A touch can say that much!
That’s it for now fellas! Memorise those rules and break them, your way! Go out there and see if you’ve got game!


White Mischief: Served best with a lively crowd!

16 Nov

As a bartender, I receive a lot of requests for White Mischief on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday nights when the place is overflowing with people looking for some mid-week and weekend mischief. Some of my best times with White Mischief have also happened at lively parties, held at lounges, discos or even at home, where Elle and I have invited all our friends and of course, their hot friends 😉

The Saturday night rush!

A party is the best place for White Mischief, because this is where everyone lets their hair down and turns up the mischief meter.  It’s where we all get to have “a little mischief and a lot of fun”! The ladies and mischief-men are at their stylish and flirtatious best, and White Mischief only helps loosen up the strings, shed some inhibitions and sometimes more. 😉 Dancing is pretty much mandatory if you’re trying to flirt with a lady, because this allows you to explore a lot more of each other. You have access to a lot of otherwise prohibited areas. It’s the perfect excuse to get up close and personal. But if things get steadily hotter, it’s best to take your party-for-two to a more private spot. 😀

Elle spinnin’ on some mischief!

House-parties are the ideal place for fun and flirting. Privacy is never too far away, and you don’t have to worry about getting back home! When Elle and I host a house-party, we usually make a group on Facebook where we invite our friends so everyone knows the plan. It’s always a BYOB (Bring Your Own Booze) party, and that helps keep stocks up through the night. Elle and I, of course, stock up on some White Mischief and keep simple mixers at hand. Of late we’ve also tried experimenting with the new Dual White Mischief flavors. Orange juice, other fruit juices, aerated drinks and a few energy drinks are all we need. That way, everyone can experiment with their drinks as well as flirting techniques while Elle and I can focus on the men. J I let Elle decide on the music, and she really keeps the party alive with some good house, R n B and trance tunes. The groovy tunes only get all our guests further in the mood for some serious mischief. 😉

And if you guys are guests, please don’t go empty handed when invited to a house-party. It’s a real turn-off. Hosting one with some White Mischief however, is a turn on for sure. We sure can vouch for that! 😀

So guys, get planning and get the party started! And remember, if it’s flirting and mischief you’re looking to bring to a party, White Mischief is your safest bet! Let the flirting begin! 😉

Mischief in Barcelona

9 Sep

Hola once again my lovelies¡ (it works! Hehe!!) I’m hoping to party with you when I get back. 😉

So here goes. I’m having such a fun time I’m thinking about extending my trip but that’s not gonna be possible 😦

But I really miss being back home and miss all you mischief lovers too 😉 but the real reason is college! (lol!)

universitat-de-barcelona So, anyway, was at the University of Barcelona (yippee!!) and wow! The guys that go there are sooooo cute, it’s not even funny! Yea yea, it’s not really a touristy kinda place but it is soooo beautiful! The building, the surroundings, everything! To make things a wee lil bit mischievous I acted like a damsel in distress and before long I had FIVE cute guys taking me on a tour of the campus! A lil mischief always gets wondrous results (lol!).


And of course! I went partying! Parties here are awesome! The music’s suppa awesome! And the party animals are suppa suppa awesome! And naturally, mischief has to happen when Elle is in party mode! So I made friends with a few girls at one party and flirted openly with a few of the guys there and got us some free drinks! We made it up to them later when we danced with them though. And what a heady rush it was! The tango, the salsa, and well, good old party rockin! But the night was still young and we teamed up and went out for a night on the town! Ah Spain, lovely Spain! Learnt a few Spanish drinking songs too! Hopping from bar to pub to singing in the streets and waking up the neighbourhood, it was a night of tomfoolery and mischief!

From having Cuba Libre (rum and coke sweethearts lol!) with Licor 43 at the L’Ovella Negra which is very popular with the students to El Xampanyet where I had some really good Cava (which is a sparkling wine) to quesadillas and some more Cava at la Divina! It was all loads of fun!

So, much love to all ya’ll from lovely old Spain. Gonna be back soon! But till then, keep the mischief on back there. And you know, I never stop! 😀

Ciao lovelies! And Muah!

I’m in Spain!!

2 Sep

Hola mi amores! That’s my Spanish version of “wassup my loves!” (teehee!) I’m still waiting for one of you guys to tell me how to do the upside-down exclamation mark 😦 nobody wants to help poor Elle 😦

elle_spain  Thank you Sarabjit, but no, I’ve been planning this trip since before my exams. Lets see how things progress and I might go diving even!

And Spain, oh lovely Spain! I never expected to fall in love in just 2 days of being here. Not with someone sillies, with Spain! Landed in Madrid 2 days ago and was totally blown off my feet. Madrid is sooooooo beautiful I can’t even put it in words but I’ll try 🙂

DSC_0255 It began right after landing coz the airport is so colourful! And after resting for a bit at the hotel I wanted to jump right in and I did! I went to Retiro Park or Parque Del Retiro (Yes I like flaunting my Spanish lol!) and went on a boat ride of the lake. All around the park there were entertainers and music and food and, of course, hot, Spanish, men!

Although I didn’t boldly make waves a lil wink here, a lil smile there were good to get guys blushing. What can I say? Mischief is in my nature. (hehe!)

And this is just the beginning. Watch out for more from me on my escapades in lovely, flirty Spain.

Ciao lovelies! And Muah!

Yippee! I’m goin to Spain!

19 Aug

Elle_shop1Hola! For those of you who don’t know, that’s “Hello” in Spanish. I don’t know how to get the upside down exclamation mark though. Someone please help.

Ok ok. That apart, the reason my greeting’s in Spanish is coz imma take a vacation!!! And imma go to SPAIN!!!

But you must’ve guessed that by now if you’ve been following me on White Mischief Gals. It’s about time don’t you think? All work and no play makes Elle pretty boring huh? After all those maddening hours buried in books I think I deserve it, don’t you?

So lemme see. I’m definitely goin to Valencia for the “La Tomatina” festival. It’s gonna be super fun watching people throw tomatoes at each other just for fun. There’s also the Calle de Ribera de Curtidores (That’s a mouthful!) which is a street that closes down and becomes a market! Oh it means Tanners Bank Street BTW 😉 and it’s also called El Rastro, where it’s said “If it exists in the world, you will find it at El Rastro”. I wonder if this is the place for the PDAs… hmm…

Elle_shop3I’m open to suggestions too! If you’ve been to Spain or know about Spain please,  please, pretty please, leave a comment and let me know where else to go to.

I’m really, REALLY looking forward to this trip and having all the mischief i can with those cute Spanish guys too!

And I promise that I will post more about stuff as it happens. Until the next time then, adios and keep the mischief going!

Our last one

3 Jun

Awww… It’s Goodbye time, but let’s start with a Namaste.

We didn’t want to go, but all good things come to an end. We really enjoyed our trip to India and seriously we expected things to be different. We were wary at first of how people would accept us or whether we’d get flak (coz we thought India was conservative), but we were struck dumb by the friendliness and larger-than-life attitude of the Indian people.

But most of all, we liked their fancy for everything mischief! 😉

Ummm… Things we liked about India? Everything! From naughty foods like chat and spicy sambar and curries, gol guppe (hope that’s right) from Chandni Chowk, Biryani from Hyderabad and of course, Bengaluru’s Masala Dosa and equally naughty sweets from the white cousin of the gulab jamun, the roshogulla to those twisted pieces of heaven, the jalebi!

_IRF0134 And the guys! OMG! From macho, protective ones to mild, almost shy ones. One cuter than the other! One NAUGHTIER than the other!

And what do we say about the clothes! The sarees! The Fabrics! Colours! Everything’s so hot! And you can’t put em down! Wow!

And the music! SO much mischief and attitude! Sheila, Munni and even Tinku! 😉

We’re gonna miss all of this. But most of all, we’re gonna miss all those mischief moments. The mischief parties with the fans! The after match parties, the atmosphere at the stadium, those crazy CRAZY Mexican waves that just went on and on and on! EVERYONE!

So here’s one last juicy tidbit before we sign off.

We were at the airport and couldn’t believe ourselves when people came up to us asking for our autographs and posing for pictures inside the airport terminal! In spite of this having happened so many times wherever we went, whether it was the market or the airport, or even with fans going crazy wanting a pic with us, we can never get over it! We were such stars! From one pic and autograph to another there was quite a crowd by the time airport security decided we were a grand mischief party! They came out n asked everyone to break up before it became a stampede! Everyone obliged but some lingered for a photo op anyway. All fair but for the mischief we made for airport security!

We will miss India, and all the beauty, and diversity, and most of all, all the care and affection that was showered on us when we were there.

On that note. Love ya’ll. And miss ya’ll more! MWAH!!

Adieu for now. And yes, Phir Milenge!

Mischief on the Couch

30 May

This one was a grand one for the fans! The guys at White Mischief flew in a bunch of the fans from around the country. A couple of couches were set up in the stadium, and of course there was us!!

And what a thrill it was. For us just as much as the fans! Never have we done something like this so we were really looking forward to it. Quite the experience it was; for us and those lucky LUCKY men! *giggle*

To begin with, we escorted all of the lucky dudes from their hotel to the stadium and did a singsong session on the bus!

And there were a bunch of White Mischief throw pillows which ended up being our weapons for a wee lil bit of a pillow fight right there in the stadium! We realised one thing. Boys really like watching a good pillow fight! We had all eyes on us even while the match was still being played.

But it was getting too dry for everyone’s taste so we decided to make it just a wee bit spicy. So we started teasing the other fans. Every once in a while we’d stand up and face the crowds and pose n wave and even danced with the winners in the stands! That really made the others jealous. And when our team scored or took a wicket it just got intensified!

But then it just meant more people would follow “Mischief” from now on. So we just kept at it. Then things changed. Looking at all the mischief in our stand, the people in the stands around started cheering ‘White Mischief Gals! White mischief gals!’ So we did a little impromptu jig for them too! And what a response! All of our section of our stadium erupted into cheers and it was for us! All in all though even after all the teasing and cajoling the men in the stadium were true gentlemen. Not one of them got angry or even made like they were. They turned red every time we (the girls of course) blew kisses at them but it was all good fun n mischief after all 😉

Party Rockin at Radio One!

25 May

Now then, we were guests at Radio One..yipee! One song led to another and before he knew it, the DJ was our personal Jock!

Just then, he started playing our favourite Bollywood song “Sheila ki Jawani”. We couldn’t resist and some of us started singing the song as it was being played. The other girls, well, were naughtier 😉 they started dancing right there in the studio itself. The DJ was swept off the floor to see us lovely girls sing the song so well, in our own accent of course!
The cutie then requested us to repeat the sizzling performance in front of his colleagues. How could we have refused! But considering the mischievous bunch we are, we placed a condition – first sweets, then dance 😉

Mischief at the Radio

And Indian sweets are so mouthwatering we forgot all about watching our weight and gorged on those delicious little pieces of heaven..hmmm..aaah! and then it was time to shed off those extra calories right there! We did what we do best! Put on a little performance and got everyone grooving too! The audiences were in awe of us when the station head comes by..oops..and to our wonderful surprise, shakes a leg too..and then everyone joined in!

Wow! Wow! Wow! What a day it was and what a party it was! For a change, at Radio One! We aren’t going to forget it in a hurry!

More from us soon. Ciao!!

Swimming Pool Mania!

18 May

It was one afternoon and we all had our swimming schedules so we went down to the pool in our hotel. Now, it was a rule in our hotel that when we were doing our swimcises (swimming exercises), no one else was allowed to the pool for those 2 hours coz we need the focus. But what happened was one of the guys from our team decided to take a swim just when we were in the middle of our routine.

_DSC0493 So he wanders into the pool area and freezes coz we all stop and start staring at him. Our instructor starts to tell him that no one is allowed at the pool when we were exercising and he should go away. Just then 2 more guys from our team run into the pool area and bump into the first one sending him slipping and tumbling into the pool! Thankfully he didn’t hit his head or break anything. Some of us dove in where he fell and pulled him out sputtering and gasping. We’d would’ve been more than happy to resuscitate him of course, though that wasn’t necessary 😉

That’s when we realised that it wasn’t them who were intruding on our time but us who’d taken way past our time in the pool. The rest of the boys came down and brought with them a volleyball net so we did what we do as girls and pleaded for them to play with us.


What ensued next was a whole bunch of screaming and shouting and splashing and shoving and tickling each other and cheating even! It was loads of fun for all of us and the poor chap who fell into the pool quite forgot what happened too until we reminded him about it.

All fun aside even pool volleyball with a bunch of hot guys from our team was quite the workout!

More later honeys 😉

Saree Shop Story!

10 May

So we couldn’t resist it anymore and pestered our managers to let us go out shopping for sarees. It’s always such a big deal whenever we go out! They have to send a couple of bodyguards so we don’t start a riot!


But start a riot we did, although of a different kind.

We were all so excited to go saree shopping and couldn’t stop talking about it for three whole days! When the day finally arrived we all piled into our cars and headed out into the market area.

And we were surprised! All those colours and fabrics and designs got us swooning! Put a bunch of girls into a room with so much choice and we do what we do best, go mad!

DSC08821 So squealing with delight and moving from one design to another and one colour to another we kept the shopkeepers on their feet! While some of us posed for pictures, the others drove the shopkeepers mad with wanting to try EVERY single design!

And to make things naughtier we started walking the ramp right there in the middle of the shop! One design after another was put on parade and the girls decided which one looked the best.

Phew! What a day! By the time we were finished there was quite a crowd outside the shop (we made a lot of noise). And though we bought a lot of sarees we wanted more. But I guess that will have to wait for another day.

With our hands full of every imaginable colour and design we bid farewell to the very sweet shopkeepers and assistants and were on our way to pose some more in our rooms.

That’s it for now sweethearts…