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A Guide to Gorgeous Gals at a Match

5 May

Boys! It’s IPL season again and the stands a filling up with tons gorgeous gals from all across the country. And believe us, they come in nearly every type. So we thought we’d give you a heads up on the kind of girls you should keep your eye out for. And also give you a few helpful tips on how to charm her into some fun and flirting.

She’s beautiful, she’s intelligent and, best of all…she’s supporting your team! Now if that doesn’t provide you with the perfect opportunity for flirting, then what does? Strike up a conversation about your favourite player, do a little cheering together and in no time at all, you’ll bowl her over.

This little lady is a real handful. And you better watch out… because she’s definitely not on your side. She’s an ardent supporter of the opposing team. But don’t let that stop the flirting. A few intense arguments and a little competitive spirit will ensure some fantastic flirting later. And of course… you can always buy her a drink once her team loses. 😉

This kinda girl is probably at the match because her friends are here. She’s a total hottie but when it comes to the game…she has no clue at all! So be a gentleman and talk her through the plays, explain all the action. She may or may not like the game. But she’s definitely going to like you!

You better be well-prepared to take on this femme fatale. Not only is she stunning, her knowledge about the game is unmatched. The trick to impressing a girl like her is respect. Compliment her intelligence, admire her wit and take down her number…just in case you need to discuss the match later. 😀

These are just a few of the many kinds of women you’ll find at a match. And there are lots more waiting to be discovered. So get out there and get the fun flirting and mischief started!


The Best Of Both Worlds

25 Apr

Your date or the match? Why should you have to sacrifice one for the other! Asking you to make this choice is not just unfair, it’s oppressive and brutal!

But what do you do? Your girl just does not get cricket, and you can’t let go of the thrilling promise a match presents! Tricky situation indeed.

Well the good news is, you can have both of them at the same time. And the great news is: we’ll tell you exactly how with three great ideas!

Dirty talk
What’s great commentary to you is Greek to her. So turn the volume down and pick the mic up! Have something mischievous, something flirty or something funny to say for everything that happens on the field. And before you know, you’ll have her looking forward to the next ball!

Whattey Shot
Whenever there’s a 6, a 4 or a wicket, do a shot. Both of you! Better still, make shots together. Mix things, shake them up and ahem, add a twist of mischief to what you’re about to shoot. So her spirits run high, along with the match.

Every match needs a cheer squad. Why should your match be any different! Cajole her, charm her, taunt her or manipulate her smartly to be the cheer girl for the match! And if she totally refuses to be taken in by your advances, you be the cheer girl! You’ll have her in splits and more interested than ever!

So, go play! And let the Mischief begin!