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Mischief At The Match

20 Apr

The IPL is here again! And if you thought it was only about cricket, well WAKE UP AND SMELL THE MISCHIEF!

There may be 22 players on the field, but there are thousands of women in the stands, waiting just for you! And if you don’t get busy flirting, you are certainly wasting a very valuable ticket. Not to mention, blowing a perfectly good opportunity away.

So how do you bowl a maiden over in the stadium? Here are a few suggestions.


The moment you hit the stadium, open your eyes. Look around for the fluttering ones, the mischievous ones and those fine-legs. And zone in on your target. All the better if she catches your eye. If she doesn’t…

This is your first major step. Concentrate. Concentrate some more. Get yourself into position around her somewhere and make her turn towards you. Since you are in a stadium, cheer! Crack a loud joke. Make yourself seen. Catch her eye. And don’t forget to smile!

Pop corn. A flag. A soft drink. Or a glassful of mischief. Run, and get it. This is your way in. Your excuse. Your big chance! So accessorize, pronto and head for your target!

Now begins the final test. Head up to her and hurl the pick up lines in! Here are some lines that might help. (It’s like a conversation, so you know how you can control it.)

You: Excuse me… are you related to Sachin in some way? Like his daughter or something?
She: No! Why do you ask?
You: Well… you look like God made you himself… very carefully…

Here’s another one!

You: Excuse me! Can I borrow a little bit of your popcorn?
She: What? You already have popcorn!
You: Oh! I got that for you. Here. Now can I borrow some?

Make her smile. Or even better, make her laugh! And you are home and safe.

You got her attention. Now charm her. Talk to her about everything under the sun. Make her forget the match and have her eyes only for you. And you can convert your little flirt into a truly exciting adventure!

So next time you step into the stadium for cricket, you know you have to do a little batting yourself! Keep the Mischief going!


The party that rocked

14 Mar

As a DJ, model and former Playboy Bunny, Sarah Robertson has been to some of the craziest parties around. She’s hit the hottest parties, in countries all across the globe and rubbed shoulders with a set of A-listers and musicians that would make you drool. So when we caught up with the illustrious model-turned-DJ, we asked her to tell us about the craziest, wildest and most unforgettable one of them all.


“Fame at the Mansion” came the quick reply.  That’s right! The glamorous Grammy after-party held at the much talked about Playboy Mansion. This year’s party was held in February 2012 and was hosted rapper, P.Diddy. Sarah was invited to DJ at the party and played to star-studded audience that included Paris Hilton, Afrojack, P.Diddy, Busta Rhymes, Pamela Anderson, Hugh Hefner to name a few!

We asked Sarah to dish out all the details about the fun, flirting and mischief at the party. “It was at the playboy mansion, so there definitely was a lot of mischief”, she recalls. “It was a black tie event as it was a Grammy after-party, so I thought people would be more well-behaved – but not the case!”

According to Sarah, what made the experience was amazing crowd she was DJing to. And of course, all the playmates hosting the event! You have to agree, it certainly sounds like a night to remember.