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A Guide to Gorgeous Gals at a Match

5 May

Boys! It’s IPL season again and the stands a filling up with tons gorgeous gals from all across the country. And believe us, they come in nearly every type. So we thought we’d give you a heads up on the kind of girls you should keep your eye out for. And also give you a few helpful tips on how to charm her into some fun and flirting.

She’s beautiful, she’s intelligent and, best of all…she’s supporting your team! Now if that doesn’t provide you with the perfect opportunity for flirting, then what does? Strike up a conversation about your favourite player, do a little cheering together and in no time at all, you’ll bowl her over.

This little lady is a real handful. And you better watch out… because she’s definitely not on your side. She’s an ardent supporter of the opposing team. But don’t let that stop the flirting. A few intense arguments and a little competitive spirit will ensure some fantastic flirting later. And of course… you can always buy her a drink once her team loses. 😉

This kinda girl is probably at the match because her friends are here. She’s a total hottie but when it comes to the game…she has no clue at all! So be a gentleman and talk her through the plays, explain all the action. She may or may not like the game. But she’s definitely going to like you!

You better be well-prepared to take on this femme fatale. Not only is she stunning, her knowledge about the game is unmatched. The trick to impressing a girl like her is respect. Compliment her intelligence, admire her wit and take down her number…just in case you need to discuss the match later. 😀

These are just a few of the many kinds of women you’ll find at a match. And there are lots more waiting to be discovered. So get out there and get the fun flirting and mischief started!


The Best Of Both Worlds

25 Apr

Your date or the match? Why should you have to sacrifice one for the other! Asking you to make this choice is not just unfair, it’s oppressive and brutal!

But what do you do? Your girl just does not get cricket, and you can’t let go of the thrilling promise a match presents! Tricky situation indeed.

Well the good news is, you can have both of them at the same time. And the great news is: we’ll tell you exactly how with three great ideas!

Dirty talk
What’s great commentary to you is Greek to her. So turn the volume down and pick the mic up! Have something mischievous, something flirty or something funny to say for everything that happens on the field. And before you know, you’ll have her looking forward to the next ball!

Whattey Shot
Whenever there’s a 6, a 4 or a wicket, do a shot. Both of you! Better still, make shots together. Mix things, shake them up and ahem, add a twist of mischief to what you’re about to shoot. So her spirits run high, along with the match.

Every match needs a cheer squad. Why should your match be any different! Cajole her, charm her, taunt her or manipulate her smartly to be the cheer girl for the match! And if she totally refuses to be taken in by your advances, you be the cheer girl! You’ll have her in splits and more interested than ever!

So, go play! And let the Mischief begin!

White Mischief: Served best with a lively crowd!

16 Nov

As a bartender, I receive a lot of requests for White Mischief on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday nights when the place is overflowing with people looking for some mid-week and weekend mischief. Some of my best times with White Mischief have also happened at lively parties, held at lounges, discos or even at home, where Elle and I have invited all our friends and of course, their hot friends 😉

The Saturday night rush!

A party is the best place for White Mischief, because this is where everyone lets their hair down and turns up the mischief meter.  It’s where we all get to have “a little mischief and a lot of fun”! The ladies and mischief-men are at their stylish and flirtatious best, and White Mischief only helps loosen up the strings, shed some inhibitions and sometimes more. 😉 Dancing is pretty much mandatory if you’re trying to flirt with a lady, because this allows you to explore a lot more of each other. You have access to a lot of otherwise prohibited areas. It’s the perfect excuse to get up close and personal. But if things get steadily hotter, it’s best to take your party-for-two to a more private spot. 😀

Elle spinnin’ on some mischief!

House-parties are the ideal place for fun and flirting. Privacy is never too far away, and you don’t have to worry about getting back home! When Elle and I host a house-party, we usually make a group on Facebook where we invite our friends so everyone knows the plan. It’s always a BYOB (Bring Your Own Booze) party, and that helps keep stocks up through the night. Elle and I, of course, stock up on some White Mischief and keep simple mixers at hand. Of late we’ve also tried experimenting with the new Dual White Mischief flavors. Orange juice, other fruit juices, aerated drinks and a few energy drinks are all we need. That way, everyone can experiment with their drinks as well as flirting techniques while Elle and I can focus on the men. J I let Elle decide on the music, and she really keeps the party alive with some good house, R n B and trance tunes. The groovy tunes only get all our guests further in the mood for some serious mischief. 😉

And if you guys are guests, please don’t go empty handed when invited to a house-party. It’s a real turn-off. Hosting one with some White Mischief however, is a turn on for sure. We sure can vouch for that! 😀

So guys, get planning and get the party started! And remember, if it’s flirting and mischief you’re looking to bring to a party, White Mischief is your safest bet! Let the flirting begin! 😉

Yippee! I’m goin to Spain!

19 Aug

Elle_shop1Hola! For those of you who don’t know, that’s “Hello” in Spanish. I don’t know how to get the upside down exclamation mark though. Someone please help.

Ok ok. That apart, the reason my greeting’s in Spanish is coz imma take a vacation!!! And imma go to SPAIN!!!

But you must’ve guessed that by now if you’ve been following me on White Mischief Gals. It’s about time don’t you think? All work and no play makes Elle pretty boring huh? After all those maddening hours buried in books I think I deserve it, don’t you?

So lemme see. I’m definitely goin to Valencia for the “La Tomatina” festival. It’s gonna be super fun watching people throw tomatoes at each other just for fun. There’s also the Calle de Ribera de Curtidores (That’s a mouthful!) which is a street that closes down and becomes a market! Oh it means Tanners Bank Street BTW 😉 and it’s also called El Rastro, where it’s said “If it exists in the world, you will find it at El Rastro”. I wonder if this is the place for the PDAs… hmm…

Elle_shop3I’m open to suggestions too! If you’ve been to Spain or know about Spain please,  please, pretty please, leave a comment and let me know where else to go to.

I’m really, REALLY looking forward to this trip and having all the mischief i can with those cute Spanish guys too!

And I promise that I will post more about stuff as it happens. Until the next time then, adios and keep the mischief going!